It’s easy to think of Moss Vale just as a village in the Highlands but it is much more than that. The agricultural endeavours in and around Moss Vale provide a major opportunity for job creation and growth in the community  as the country moves from the mining boom to a dining boom.

Agriculture is an integral part of the commercial and social fabric of Moss Vale. Ever since the early settlers arrived the rural areas around Moss Vale have provided an abundance of wealth and opportunity to the community.

The Southern Highland Food and Wine Clusters

A great opportunity to experience the culinary delights of the rural Southern Highlands, this is an initiative of the Moss Vale & Rural Chamber of Commerce initiated by Brigid Kennedy of The Loch at Berrima.

There will ultimately be 9 clusters of food and wine producers, from restaurants and wineries to food producers in the regional area surrounding Moss Vale. The first of these, the Joadja Cluster was launched in November 2015. The Moss Vale Cluster is due to launch in February 2016 with the other 7 rolling out progressively over the year.

Go to to download a map – explore – Buon Appetito!

The Southern Regional Livestock Exchange

Located in Moss Vale this fully covered livestock saleyard attracts producers from all over the Southern Highlands and Southern Tablelands.

In 2015 60,000 head were processed here – making it one of the largest facilities in NSW.

The Rural Community of Moss Vale & Surrounding Areas

We tend to assume that rural land holdings around Moss Vale are small holdings with around 50 head of stock but the fact is that these plus many large farms contribute significantly to the economy of Moss vale and surrounding areas.

Rich pasture, rich soil and plentiful water with our precious aquifer make the Moss Vale area an extremely productive agricultural area.

The Agricultural Infrastructure that Supports our Local Community

You would be amazed at the depth of commercial support for our rural residents and businesses – here are just a few:

603 Argyle Street Moss Vale Tel 48696300
Rural supplies, fertilisers, Rural and veterinary chemicals, crop insurance & farm sales

100 Berrima Road Moss Vale Tel 4822 2655
Hydraulic supplies& service for oil & gas equipment

Aquamann Irrigation
38 Berrima Road Moss Vale Tel 4869 3336
Everything in irrigation and more!

Southern Rural Traders
42 Berrima Road Moss Vale Tel 4868 2188
Rural supplies, animal feed, agricultural chemicals

Horseland Moss Vale
42 Berrima Road Moss Vale Tel 47868 2188
Comprehensive range of equestrian supplies

Fencing Contractors
Wilson Fencing Moss Vale Tel 0418 241 997
T&L Gamble Fencing Moss Vale Tel 0400 455 776

Large Animal Veterinary Practice
Southern Highlands Veterinary Services 8 Berrima Road Moss Vale Tel 4868 1310

McGuiness Plumbing & Earthmoving 45 Robertson Road Moss Vale Tel 4869 1504

Mulready’s 73 Lytton Road Moss Vale Tel 4868 1240

Hill A C & Sons Nowra Road Moss Vale Tel 4868 1357