Innovation and Creativity are driving the changing face of Moss Vale today. Moss Vale has an enviable record when it comes to these two key change agents.

Rotary Hoe
Since the time of the early settlers Moss Vale has been an area that embraced innovation and creativity.

It’s a little known fact that the rotary hoe which transformed the face of agriculture was invented by Arthur Clifford Howard in 1912 and first manufactured and sold in Moss Vale in 1923 by the Howard family. Since then Howard Australia has established itself as a premium manufacturer of top quality farming machinery.

Highlands Glass
Highland Glass based in Moss Vale was started in 1981 by Mark Hinton. Today all of Mark’s family is involved in the business. From small beginnings Highland Glass now operates from a state of the art facility with a toughening furnace, water jet cutting, and the latest in CNC machinery. Highland Glass is a classic story of growth based on technology and service.

McKinnon Group
McKinnon Group is an e commerce specialist helping businesses grow in Australia, New Zealand and North America. Katrina heads up the McKinnon Group in Moss Vale and is typical of the young talented people with specialist skills that our community needs to attract to our thriving commercial community. She is testament to the fact that you can develop and run a successful international business based in Moss Vale.

Garvan Institute
The Garvan Institute is a world leader in medical research. The Australian BioResources Facility operated by Garvan in Moss Vale is also a leader in its field providing Moss Vale with a wealth of technical and research talent.

Nicholas Bray Landscapes
Nicholas Bray Landscapes in Moss Vale studied landscape architecture in Australia, Canada and the UK and has completed major projects in Canada, Spain, UK and Singapore as well as here in Australia. Nicholas is a classic example of professional talent that is enriching the Moss Vale commercial community.

Arthead is another example of a creative innovative business in Moss Vale that has built strong growth in both the local market and national and international commissions. Utilising the very latest in scanning and printing equipment Arthead is a leader specialist photographic reproduction and operates a successful artist supply and framing business which is a favourite amongst the Arts Community in the Southern Highlands.